Victim of Hit & Run in Los Angeles: I Voted For Gascon To Reform Prisons, Not To Reward Criminals

A woman who was a victim of a hit and run in Los Angeles appeared on Tucker Carlson’s FOX News program on Tuesday to push for the recall of L.A. District Attorney George Gascon: “It sends a lot of messages, it sends messages to criminals that it’s okay to do bad things, because we’re not going to punish you, we will punish the victims instead. You know, I’m just beside myself with the comments that he has come out with on Twitter citing that California law says that the punishment is fair, when in fact it is his policies that he put into place that prevent us from getting appropriate justice.”

“He can take the time to tweet about it and make this a political thing, which it is not. I would like to admit that I am a Democrat and I voted for George Gascon. I was raised in a Republican family so I’m pretty centrist, but I lean left, and how I voted for this guy because I believed that our prisons do need some reform, but rewarding criminals, violent criminals for their actions is very far from any kind of reformation that anybody would think is appropriate,” the woman said.

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