LA Officials Warn DA George Gascon After Chesa Boudin Recall: ‘You’re Next’

Top Los Angeles law enforcement officials have warned District Attorney George Gascon this week that he will be “next” to be thrown out of office following the successful recall effort against San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin.

Boudin, a former public defender in one of America’s most liberal cities, was recalled Tuesday after 60% of the city’s voters objected to his soft-on-crime policies — as lawbreaking runs rampant in the Bay Area city.

Both prior to and shortly after the recall vote, one of Gascon’s own prosecutors and the Los Angeles County sheriff indicated the top prosecutor — one of Boudin’s predecessors as San Francisco DA — would face a similar fate.

“I think tomorrow Boudin is going to be recalled, and what I want to tell everybody and tell [Los Angeles DA] George Gascon is, you’re next,” Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami told Fox News on Monday. “The people of Los Angeles have had enough.”

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