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Since taking office, George Gascon has turned Los Angeles’ criminal justice system upside down through a series of policy changes and directives.  These directives not only conflict with California laws but are making Los Angeles a dangerous place to live.  Criminals are not being held accountable! 

The Association of Deputy District Attorneys sued District Attorney Gascon, citing they were being forced to violate their oath of office.   A judge, agreed with the ADDA, stating some directives were “unlawful” and issued a temporary injunction on some of Gascon’s directives, but also said the District Attorney has discretion.  Gascon continues to enforce his directives.  These directives include but are not limited to:

  • The elimination of cash bail
  • Ending the use of sentence enhancements and letting violent criminals off easy
  • Refusing to prosecute juveniles as adults, regardless of the crime or circumstances
  • Abandoning victims at parole hearings
  • Declining to prosecute crimes that affect quality of life 
  • Never seeking the death penalty or life without parole, even in the most egregious cases

Gascon believes the voters have given him the authority to set policies, even if they violate state law.  He is wrong.  District Attorneys are elected to enforce laws, not change or create them based on their own beliefs.  Laws are changed through legislation and challenging the court.  

Find out which Politicians and donors are Supporting Gascon and his dangerous policies

Ask your Elected Officials to vote “no confidence” in George Gascon and to endorse the recall. 

Hold Gascon