The Daily Wire: Radical DA ‘Has Turned The Streets Of Los Angeles Into A Living Nightmare’: Campaign To Recall Gascon Raises More Than $6 Million

Last week, a political campaign in California celebrated an impactful milestone, as the “Recall DA George Gascon” group announced it had collected over 400,000 signatures as of May 1, raising more than $6 million.


In order to get the recall question on the ballot, the campaign must collect 566,857 signatures from registered voters in Los Angeles County. This amounts to approximately 10% of registered voters, as county officials logged 5,690,406 total registrations for September’s gubernatorial recall election.“Perhaps worse than any one specific policy, Gascon has sent a loud and clear message to criminals that he will always have their backs, whether that means lowering sentences or declining to prosecute certain crimes altogether,” a spokesperson with the Recall DA George Gascon campaign told The Daily Wire.

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