Rolling Stone: Dave Chappelle Wants DA to ‘Correct Mistake,’ File Felony Charges Over Stage Attack: Lawyer

Dave Chappelle is not happy that Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon declined to file felony charges against the man who tackled him to the ground onstage during the Netflix Is A Joke festival earlier this week — and he wants the county’s top prosecutor to claw the case back from misdemeanor court, his lawyer says.

“We request that DA Gascon reconsider, correct this mistake and charge this as a felony,” Chappelle’s lawyer Gabriel Colwell tells Rolling Stone. “This is what Mr. Chappelle wants. Mr. Chappelle wants this case charged as a felony.”

The lawyer said it’s not just about his client. “Entertainers in Los Angeles need to know that the justice system will protect them on stage,” he said.

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