Michael Pollard & Devaughn Carter

Defendant Efrem Demery was friends with Michael Pollard and DeVaughn Carter who were both studio musicians.  On April 14, 2018, the defendant had an altercation with the Michael and Devaughn.  The defendant followed them back to the studio, and went across the street to purchase gasoline and a lighter.  He returned to the studio went inside, and poured gasoline at the base of the door into the room.  He then ignited the gasoline, knowing his friends were in the room with no way to get out.  Michael Pollard left behind a one year old daughter.  The defendant was initially charged with two counts of murder with Special Circumstance of multiple murder.  Gascon refused to meet with the victims’ mothers despite their numerous requests to do so.  Gascon would not discuss his policy with them.  Gascon ordered that the Special Circumstance allegation be dismissed, in accordance with his Enhancement Policy, making the defendant eligible for elder parole.