It’s Open Season for LA’s Criminals

When he entered office, George Gascon employed a new approach to juvenile crime — combat it as little as possible, using the “lightest touch”.

That was one of the first directives given to his prosecutors, who, by the way, overwhelmingly want their boss to be fired.

How’s Gascon’s “lightest touch” policy working out? He’s empowering a new class of career-criminals.

“You can walk around with a loaded firearm concealed illegally, and we can’t prosecute it. That is a misdemeanor,” said an attorney in Gascon’s office who is familiar with juvenile cases. “We used to be able to file a felony if there was a prior [conviction]. Now we can’t file anything.”

Lt. Craig Walker of the LA County Sheriff’s Department said, “They get through the revolving door and don’t see it slammed shut and locked behind them. So they will keep doing [crime] like everyone else.

Across the state, 9,162 juveniles were arrested for felonies last year, a 79% decrease from a decade ago.

And “homicides reached a 15-year high in Los Angeles in 2022.”

As former prosecutor Kathleen Cady points out, “Gascón doesn’t believe in increased penalties for anyone.” That includes juveniles and adults. And it includes violent offenses and drug offenses.
“With Gascón as Los Angeles County’s District Attorney, drug dealers in Los Angeles County need not worry about being charged with enhancements for having a lot of drugs or guns,” Cady writes.

As long as George Gascon remains in office, it’s open-season for LA’s criminal class.


As you know, we’ve been carefully reviewing every one of the 195,783 signatures the Registrar deemed invalid last month. What we’ve discovered so far is unsettling.

Please read the following statement from attorney Marian Thompson, whose legal team is assisting our efforts:

“In a few short days, through the careful examination of rejected signatures by a group of volunteer attorneys, we have seen many signatures that were rejected under various categories, that were clearly wrongfully rejected by Dean Logan’s examiners. We will continue our inspection of each rejected signature in the following weeks for the purposes of determining whether the recall examination process itself was flawed, in whole or in part, and to identify wrongfully rejected signatures in preparation for any potential legal challenges.”

We will provide you with another update as soon as we have one.

In the meantime, stay safe, and continue to pressure George Gascon to prioritize the safety of Angelenos over the comfort of criminals.