Gascon Recall Surpasses 500,000 Signatures Collected, 3.6 Million Petitions Mailed to Registered Voters

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – Today, the Recall DA George Gascon campaign announced it has collected over 500,000 signatures as of May 31st, the most signatures ever collected in Los Angeles County for any petition.  In addition, the recall campaign recently mailed out 3.6 million petitions with pre-paid return envelopes to registered voters.

To qualify, the campaign must collect 566,857 signatures from registered Los Angeles County voters (10% of the total current registered voters) by July 6, 2022.

“Right now, the recall petition is in the mailboxes of 3.6 million registered voters in LA County. If just 5% sign and promptly return the petition, we will have more than enough signatures to not only clear the threshold, but also to ensure there is enough cushion for those that are inevitably invalidated. The fate of this recall is quite literally in the hands of Los Angeles County voters.” – The Recall DA George Gascon Campaign

The recall effort continues to build bi-partisan support throughout Los Angeles communities.  Supporters include victims’ rights advocates, current and former law enforcement officials, and Los Angeles County residents.  34 cities (and counting) in Los Angeles County have issued votes of no confidence in Gascon.  98% of Gascon’s own line prosecutors support the recall, along with Los Angeles police and sheriffs.