A Court Victory to End 2022

With the holidays upon us and 2022 coming to an end, we’d like to share some exciting news to take us into 2023.

But first, what a year this has been. You put the recall of George Gascon on the nation’s radar, made public safety a critical political issue, and helped us collect a record 715,833 signatures, the most ever collected in Los Angeles County.

The LA County Registrar rejected 195,783 signatures, calling them “invalid.” Over the past four months, we’ve been examining these rejected signatures to identify how many the Registrar improperly rejected – that number is substantial and continues to grow.

However, the Registrar placed unreasonable limits on our team’s efforts to review the signatures — including a max of 3 days per week to review the signatures, a ban on electronic devices, and more. Under their rules, it would have taken until May 2024 to conclude the audit.

Thankfully, In a hearing earlier this month in LA County Superior Court, Judge James Chalfant granted our committee a preliminary injunction against the Registrar.

Judge Chalfant ordered the Registrar to provide greater access to voter information; he ordered the Registrar to permit us to use electronic devices; and finally, the Registrar can no longer slow walk this process. Judge Chalfant said the signature audit must be able to conclude by March 31.

Every valid signature deserves to be counted, and we’re fighting every day to ensure that happens.

Meanwhile, George Gascon continues to show Los Angeles his twisted priorities.
A new Gascon policy orders prosecutors to consider a criminal’s immigration status when charging them “with the goal of avoiding or mitigating the adverse immigration consequences of a decision.”
In other words, in George Gascon’s Los Angeles, criminals come before law-abiding citizens and residents.
What’s new?
Stay safe this holiday season. May 2023 be the year we remove Gascon from office.