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Recall Update

The Los Angeles County Registrar approved the petition for the recall of District Attorney George Gascon, thereby officially starting the 160-day period for signature collection.

Recall petitions are available for download at

To qualify, the recall must collect 566,857 signatures from registered Los Angeles County voters (10% of the total current registered voters). The deadline for submission to the Registrar is July 6, 2022.  If successful, the recall would likely appear on the November 2022 ballot.

The proponents who signed the notice of intention to recall Gascon have been personally impacted by one or multiple of Gascon’s special directives, including the directive to not charge special enhancements, parole and resentencing policies, and blanket rules for the prosecution of juveniles.  

“We are sick and tired of living in the pro-criminal paradise Gascon has created,” said Desiree Andrade and Tania Owen, co-chairs of the Recall DA George Gascon campaign.  “Gascon turned his back on us, and now his policies are destroying Los Angeles County right before our eyes and needlessly creating more innocent victims.” 

“This is our chance to put an end to all of it, but it is massive undertaking that will require an all-in approach from the entire community,” Andrade and Owen continued. “We need all Angelenos to join us in this effort to restore public safety and end the chaos in our streets. We all deserve to live without fear of criminals running amok, and to have a District Attorney who actually does his job.”

The bi-partisan recall effort is led by co-chairs Desiree Andrade, Tania Owen, former Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, former Deputy District Attorney Sam Dordulian, former Deputy District Attorney Kathy Cady, and former Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine. It is supported by victims’ rights advocates, current and former law enforcement officials, and Los Angeles County residents.  Over 31 cities (and counting) in Los Angeles County have issued votes of no confidence in Gascon.  In addition, the City of Beverly Hills has officially endorsed the recall campaign. 

Unlike the initial recall effort, the new recall committee gathered substantial resources before the 160-day period for signature collection began, including over $2.7 in contributions.  This is critical given the substantial number of signatures required, the cost of signature collection, and the short time frame.  Instead of constantly playing catch up with resources, this effort is starting out ahead of the curve.

Support for Gascon has continued to rapidly drop as crime rages out of control and Los Angeles County residents experience first-hand the impact of Gascon’s dangerous, pro-criminal agenda.  According to polling conducted in July 2021, Gascon has high unfavorability ratings and more than 61% of Los Angeles County voters would support another candidate for District Attorney, compared to just 21.5% who said they would support Gascon. Those numbers have only gotten worse for the District Attorney.


Hold Gascón accountable

Crime victims across Los Angeles County want DA George Gascon held accountable.

“George Gascon’s failure to protect our most vulnerable communities is a complete dereliction of his foremost duty as a District Attorney, and he must be removed from office immediately before he can do any more damage. What George Gascon is doing is not criminal justice reform; it is the outright destruction of our criminal justice system and the very laws meant to protect us.”
Tania Owen
Co-Chair of the Recall DA George Gascon campaign
Tania’s husband was former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant Steve Owen. Sergeant Owen was killed execution-style by a career criminal and repeat offender while responding to a call. The murderer may now receive a drastically reduced sentence under Gascon’s policies.
“This is not about politics for me. I am a registered Democrat. This is about the killers who brutally murdered Julian in cold blood and now have a chance to one day receive parole due to Gascon’s pro-criminal agenda that puts victims last. So, when you hear Gascon try to paint what he is doing as ‘reform,’ understand what he actually means is reducing sentences for murderers and violent criminals, or not prosecuting violent crime altogether. And when Gascon insults crime victims and tries to brush the recall off as a politically motivated effort, know that he is talking about people like me and many others who are simply devastated by the thought of our loved one’s killers being back on the streets.”
Desiree Andrade
Co-Chair of the Recall DA George Gascon campaign
Desiree Andrade’s twenty-year-old son Julian was brutally murdered in 2018 (stabbed, beaten, and thrown off a cliff by a group of guys). The killers will be eligible for parole under Gascon’s policies (they otherwise would have at least faced life in prison).

We need your help! Donate today to help protect victims and remove Gascón from office.