We Will Review Every Signature the Registrar Didn’t Count

Over the last 9 days, after the Registrar of Voters disqualified our recall of District Attorney George Gascon, we’ve had extensive discussions with legal and recall experts to understand our options and determine next steps.

The lives of LA County’s 10 million residents, and the voices of hundreds of thousands of concerned voters, are too critical to leave any stone unturned.

That’s why, in the coming days, we will initiate a full examination of the 195,783 signatures the Registrar found to be invalid — an astounding 27% of the 715,833 signatures we submitted.

A full examination will allow us to use all the resources at our disposal to ensure not a single LA voter is disenfranchised. The Registrar refused to allow observers to view their count. Now, a team of experts and concerned citizens will ensure every signature is properly counted.

As it stands today, the Registrar has already validated 520,050 signatures — the largest number of recall signatures ever collected in one county. And we still believe there are more.

As we have more information, we’ll keep you updated on the process. Just know that we are fighting to ensure the Registrar complies with all applicable signature verification rules, and that every valid signature from a registered Los Angeles County voter is counted.

Our movement has wounded Gascon, but the job is not done yet.

We are going to continue to fight for the removal of George Gascon from office.

– The Recall DA George Gascon Campaign