Shahid Ali Baig

On February 17, 1980, victim, Shahid Ali Baig, a 33 year old father of three, was leaving for the day when Jerry Naylor and Rodney Quine got into the victim’s car, pulled out a gun, and ordered him to start driving. Naylor and Quine wanted the victim’s car and any money that the victim had on him. Naylor and Quine later bound the victim’s hands and feet together and kept him in the back seat of the victim’s car. After Naylor and Quine drove around for hours, Quine parked the victim’s car in a deserted commercial area and dragged the victim out of his car while the victim was still bound. While the victim begged for his life, Quine shot the victim twice in the head. Quine and Naylor then drove off in the victim’s car and $75 of the victim’s money. Gascon’s Resentencing Policy will likely result in a substantial reduction in sentence.