Los Angeles follow-home robbery suspect arrested after being released from prison days earlier

Investigations following a series of follow-home armed robberies in the downtown Los Angeles area have resulted in the arrests of three suspects, including one suspect who has already been arrested three times this year before he was subsequently released back onto the streets and allowed to repeat the alleged crimes.

Matthew Adams, 18, has been detained for a fourth time this year after he allegedly attacked two UCLA students outside a residence, robbing them of two expensive watches and an iPhone totaling over $145,000, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.

Adams is also believed to be in connection with a series of at least four other follow-home armed robberies — where an assailant follows a victim from a public location before attacking them in a more private location — where he and other assailants followed people leaving upscale restaurants and clubs in the Hollywood area, back to their apartments or hotels, police said.

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